Passionate people are our mission.

Current Opportunities

Continuous learning.

Redefining the possible.

Join us as we rewrite the web.

Based in the heart of Toronto’s tech corridor, we are a growing community of creative technologists using modern JavaScript frameworks and a seamless integration of design and development to build next-generation web and mobile applications. From collaborating with visionary startups to transforming large enterprises, our teams are dedicated to helping a range of clients realize their goals using methodologies that are revolutionizing the industry.

“The company culture at Rangle quickly asserts itself as one of no ego, where everyone's contribution is extolled, and nurturing opportunities for growth in the individual comes naturally - before you know it, you are in awe of all you’ve learned and how far you've come.”

–Abdella Ali, Rangle’s first hire

Make Your Mark

  • Disrupt and Transform.

    Our passion for experimenting with the newest frameworks to create sustainable software means you’ll never be bored. We help disrupt the status quo working with clients that we are proud of.

  • You Can Sit With Us.

    Our shared learning and mentorship programs help build strong individuals and even stronger teams. We see the power and value in inclusive, collaborative Agile environments that let everyone be heard.

  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

    Ongoing training events and participation in conferences all over the world position our team members as leaders in the industry who continue to learn and share their knowledge. We believe and invest in our people.

  • Make a Dent in the Universe.

    From working with Google on Open Source Projects to sponsoring tech for good events like Devs Without Borders, we are passionate about contributing to projects with social and technological impact.

Why Rangle?

Think different. Design different. Build different.

Rangle is a different type of company. Our relentless, founding, focus on modern HTML5, iterative design, JavaScript, continuous delivery, and Scrum have enabled an iterative, learning culture that enables us to learn and grow like no other company. Our commitment to open, transparent collaboration amongst ourselves and with clients ensures that everyone has a voice and that we stay aligned with our mission.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

–Jeff Gothelf, LeanUX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

We believe that. Help us change the world by building better software in better ways… and have fun while doing it.

What It's Like

Mila's Photo

"I’ve never worked at a company that invests so much in people – not just staff, but in the community at large. With a focus on inbound marketing methodologies, it is so rewarding to connect the right people to meaningful content that will help them in some way... and being recognized with industry awards like the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals Award for our growth, well, that’s just the icing on the cake."

–Mila Volpe, Integrated Media Specialist at

Alex's Photo

"You're constantly being put in a position to succeed, but also to grow and become a better developer, and person. You get to work with the latest tech with a stress on continuously improving, but you're also not being micromanaged. Rangle trusts its employees to get the job done."

–Alex Richardson, Javascript Developer at

Jacqueline's Photo

"We redefine the traditional roles of Business Analyst, Quality Assurance and Testing Specialist. We’re involved from the start of application development and our day-to-day job varies depending on the project and business needs. The result is a broadening of our skill-set and our knowledge through ongoing collaboration with our team."

–Jacqueline Lo, Business Quality Analyst at

Sean's Photo

“Our sales team aren’t "sales drones" but people who are responsible for driving growth. When I come in every day, I see exactly how my work affects the overall growth of this company, and the great people that I get to do that with is an added bonus.”

–Sean Stone, Business Development Manager at

Rehana's Photo

"Being a Scrum Master at Rangle means being Agile in its truest form. There is always full management support and clients choose us because we know how to do Scrum well. You’ll be working with teams, not individuals, and you’ll feel the spirit of Agile take over your soul. You can’t beat us, so join us."

–Rehana Rajwani, Scrum Master at

Mike's Photo

"Agile, at its best, fosters and nurtures the type of environment we have at Rangle. It’s the reason we’ve been so successful and why people love working for and with us. We communicate freely, are open to change and unafraid of experimentation (and sometimes failure). We constantly examine our process and literally get better every day."

–Mike Costanzo, UX Design Lead at

Perks & Play

  • Health Coverage/Gym Plan
  • Conference Passes
  • Friday Lunches & Evening Socials
  • Tech Talks
  • Stocked Refreshments 24/7
  • Diversity Guild
  • RangleU Training
  • Hack Nights

"I worked in tech for 12 years before joining Rangle, but never had a company t-shirt that fit me properly, since none were women’s cuts. It made me feel invisible, as if no one expected someone like me to be part of the team. When I joined Rangle, they gave me a completely awesome women’s cut t-shirt. I wear it all the time, with pride."

–Naomi Bower, Product Designer

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