Using AngularJS to Build An Educational App with 3D Elements:

Varun Vachhar and Simon Ramsay at the AngularJS Toronto Meetup

In this talk from the AngularJS Toronto on April 30, 2014,’s lead front-end designer and developer Varun Vachhar and developer Simon Ramsay present a case-study of a web app we created with Verold studio’s software and AngularJS.

Topics Covered

Varun Varchhar and Simon Ramsay from talk about the making of the app and explain the process and their experience using Verold Studio. They will also show how the app works.

Speaker's Bio

Varun is a creative technologist who designs amazing user experiences for mobile and web applications. Having studied Mechanical Engineering and Interactive Design at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art, he specializes in bridging the gap between design and development. His work has been featured in Smashing Magazine,, Gizmodo and Engadget, and he was a finalist in Google’s Dev Art awards. He spoke at the FITC’s Web Unleashed Conference. You can follow him at @winkerVSbecks

Simon is a full stack JavaScript developer who brings a relentless focus to his code. He brings a diverse wealth of experience in mobile and web development. He’s a graduate of the University of Waterloo.