Using Redux with Angular 2

Redux is a powerful architectural idea that is starting to replace model-view-controller as the main paradigm for JavaScript apps. However, due to Redux's origins in the React community, it hasn't been widely used in Angular 2.

Turns out Redux is just as useful when used in Angular 2 as with any other framework. Rangle's Senior Developer Seth Davenport explores the basics of Redux and some effective ways to use it in Angular 2 with the ng2-redux bindings library.

This talk was presented at the July 2016 AngularJS Toronto meetup.

Speaker's Bio

Seth Davenport

Seth has been a professional software developer since 2004 and is currently a technical lead in Software Development at A strong proponent of Angular within the company, he has been involved in a number of client projects using the framework and is always on the lookout for new ways to use it.