Women in Tech Share Advice

“There is no one way to the top, but there is a way to the top, and it doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s”

— Dominique DeGuzman, Infrastructure Engineer at Twilio

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2016, during DevTO's #IWDTO event, we asked Toronto technology community members to share insights on what career success looks like. We heard a range of great opinions: everything from developing your skills to following your passion, from finding a mentor to leaning in and being bold. We’re hoping this video will encourage everyone to continue to support all forms of diversity within the tech ecosystem, and we also hope to inspire those looking to join the field.

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Thanks to all who contributed!

Listed in order of appearance:

Justine Chiu - HR Coordinator at Postbeyond
Amanda Connon-Unda - Marketing Director at Rangle.io
Michelle Caers - Founder & CEO at Design UX
Maggie White - Social Media Specialist at Sysmos
Caitlin Haaf - Interactive Media Student at Sheridan College
Emily Porta - Scrum Master at Rangle.io
Karen Ho - Web Dev Student at Bitmaker Labs
Nael El Shawwa - Head Engineer at Flashtalk and founder at DevTO
Pooja Naiker - Co-founder at Dress to Empress
Cindy Lopes - Technical Developer at Jonah Group
Karen Yap - Scraper Analyst
Shweta Jacob - Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition at Flipp
Fatima Remtullah - UX Designer at Rangle.io
Julia Nguyen - Software Engineer
Tara Wilkins - Instructor/Marketer at Camptech
Dominique DeGuzman - Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Twilio
Caroline McGregor - Scrum Master at Rangle.io
Karen Schulman Dupuis - Business Designer
Avery Francis - Sr. Talent Manager at Rangle.io
Jacqueline Bermudez - Computer Scientist and Web Developer
Helen Zeng - Partner Engineer at Twitter
Adrienne Marshall - Business Development at The Working Group
Tammy Le - Interaction Design Student at Sheridan College
Chantelle Francis - Student at Sheridan College
Sally Labib - Touchbistro