Black Crows

Accelerating into the Future. An Integrated Shopping Experience

Mockup of Black Crows website

Black Crows is an independent freeski brand from Chamonix, France that designs and sells ski equipment and apparel. Founded in 2006, the brand has a distinctly contemporary feel and targets skiers who seek a unique product while celebrating a culture of exploration.

In 2015 the company was looking to entirely recreate their existing e-commerce website that stood apart from their main flagship website. They wanted to create a fully integrated solution that would entice visitors to purchase more products within a unique discovery portal.



The Rangle Approach

We used our signature Lean UX-driven discovery process and Agile development methodologies to accelerate the pace of work, while giving Black Crows visibility and creating rapid team alignment. In order to achieve a customized fully-optimized solution that would enable them to drive revenue targets and business goals, we coached them on Agile development. This included Scrum rituals and a high degree of collaboration, transparency, and iteration, to arrive at a more valuable output, for less effort and time spent.

Pareto Principle

“To work with Rangle is literally to enter the church of ruthless efficiency. They were able to deliver our project up to six weeks earlier than other vendors who use Waterfall project management. Rangle’s system also de-risked the project.”

— Chris Booth, Global Marketing Manager, Black Crows

A Merger of Equals

“Design and development: in the same room, in the same meetings, on the same tasks… A mutual understanding that blended the need for speed and code simplicity with design concerns.”

— Chris Booth, Global Marketing Manager, Black Crows

With flawless integration of design and development, we enabled Black Crows to hand-craft their unique site and drive value through their analytics. We helped them to design their consumer's journey with precision in a way that typical out-of-the-box solutions can’t match.

“Rangle was able to say [to us that] the success of a modern web application is not just about how it looks, but about how it works. This expanded our collective design intelligence, and improved the end product.”

— Chris Booth, Global Marketing Manager, Black Crows

The Solution

Forward-Thinking Technology

We took Black Crows from a Ruby on Rails tech stack to a modern JavaScript solution and helped them to implement a cutting edge e-commerce API. Instead of going for an off-the-shelf shopping experience they came to us to develop their own custom CMS. We helped them with our seamless continuous delivery process, Moltin’s shopping cart API, and AngularJS.

We adapted the latest technology to their needs, and we conducted user interviews and Lean UX workshops, in tandem with coding. We also consulted the website’s analytics, to better convert sales.

The Outcome

Success = More Sales

We helped Black Crows create better flows from the homepage to the shopping cart, while working seamlessly within their existing design sensibility and brand universe. We also ensured their new system flawlessly managed international currencies, local taxes and additional language support.

“This puts us in the game. Now we have an efficient platform to pursue direct sales. Our future plans will be to evolve the user experience to really ramp up our sales volume… We are looking at personalization, after-sales service, and a mobile app … Everything suddenly feels possible with the right tech stack...”

— Chris Booth, Global Marketing Manager, Black Crows

An Extraordinary Experience

From our very first meeting, to embedding our lead designer with the Black Crows team for a discovery session, both parties were fully engaged in creating a more powerful user experience for their e-commerce site. The project goals were shared by all members of the blended team, and now their website is a powerful success driver.

“If there is a question, a tech or design problem we need to work through, Rangle are the first people we call. We [know] that whenever we need something the solution is right there waiting. Suffice to say we are very happy with where we have landed.”

— Chris Booth, Global Marketing Manager, Black Crows

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